Gantt and Scheduler no longer available for sale.

by Jim Coltz on 09/27/16

I have decided to no longer offer for sale the Gantt and Scheduler components. Existing users will still receive support according to the original terms of sale. I appreciate all those who have purchased these products. 

A5JQCalendar and Alpha Anywhere Version 4 -- Update needed.

by Jim Coltz on 04/24/16

Please note that version 4.541 or greater is required if using Alpha Anywhere version 4. Several changes to allow the use of IIS as well as a change to the jQuery version, along with some other changes that affected my code, prevent previous versions of the calendar from working correctly with AA V4. All current JQCalendar V4 users can upgrade by using the link in the license file you received.

Download the new version and after extracting the jqcalender project, you should see an icon on your desktop, run the extracted project. This will update the files on your developer machine. Then open up any calendars you have in your own projects and save them. On saving you will be prompted to replace the old files with new ones. Accept all the prompts. Your old folders/files will be renamed with an _old prefix so there is no danger of losing anything. Once completed, publish the new files and you're all set.

IIS Beta Calendar is now up and running

by Jim Coltz on 11/24/14

I've been working with AlphaAnywhere's IIS beta and am pleased to say that, with some minor tweaks to the code, that I now have the beta version 5 of my calendar add-on running under IIS. I added a link to the demo site that opens the IIS site's calendar in the tabbed_ui. Lots more testing needs done and there is still one issue that I know needs addressed but all in all the IIS addition is going to be one huge step forward with AlphaAnywhere. I want to ensure version 5 of my calendar will run under IIS and the exercise will be useful for getting the Gantt to run under IIS as well.

Two New Videos Added

by Jim Coltz on 11/19/14

Two new videos have been added in answer to user's questions:

Checkbox filtering and using Javascript functions to build the filter to pass into a calendar.

Making the date range show on initial load and using CSS over-rides to make the text bigger.

JQCalendar -- Alpha Anywhere V3 fix for new JavaScript date type

by Jim Coltz on 10/18/14

AA V3 has changed the UX control behavior for date and date-time controls so that they are now JavaScript date objects instead of strings. This causes a calculated field to fail in the UX editing template that is provided with the calendar. You will only see this failure is you actually edit one of the date controls, or do a "recalculate all controls" from the UX menu.

The fix is to change the calculated field expression property of the UX for both the "StartDateTime" and "EndDateTime" controls to allow for the "StartDate" and "EndDate" controls to be JavaScript date objects.

I created a new JavaScript function that is universal for Alpha Five V11 - 12.3 that will treat the date controls as strings, or date objects depending on how A5 defines them. The code is as follows and can be placed in the JavaScript functions area of the UX:

function fixTimeFormat(parm,timeToFormat){
    //assumes both the startdate and enddate time pickers are set up the same.
    if(typeof(timeToFormat) == 'object'){    
        var unknownDateFormat;
        if (parm == "start"){
            unknownDateFormat = {dialog.object}.fieldHelpers.STARTDATE.dateTime.format; //get the date/time format for this date picker
            return timeToFormat.toFormat(unknownDateFormat);
        if (parm == "end"){
            unknownDateFormat = {dialog.object}.fieldHelpers.ENDDATE.dateTime.format; //get the date/time format for this date picker
            return timeToFormat.toFormat(unknownDateFormat);
        return timeToFormat;

Then, in the "StartDateTime" and "EndDateTime" controls, replace the existing calculated field expression with this code, replacing the start with end where appropriate:
//for StartDateTime control
fixTimeFormat('start',StartDate) + ' ' + StartTime 
//for EndDateTime control
fixTimeFormat('end',EndDate) + ' ' + EndTime 

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