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A5JQCalendar and Alpha Anywhere Version 4 -- Update needed.

by Jim Coltz on 04/24/16

Please note that version 4.541 or greater is required if using Alpha Anywhere version 4. Several changes to allow the use of IIS as well as a change to the jQuery version, along with some other changes that affected my code, prevent previous versions of the calendar from working correctly with AA V4. All current JQCalendar V4 users can upgrade by using the link in the license file you received.

Download the new version and after extracting the jqcalender project, you should see an icon on your desktop, run the extracted project. This will update the files on your developer machine. Then open up any calendars you have in your own projects and save them. On saving you will be prompted to replace the old files with new ones. Accept all the prompts. Your old folders/files will be renamed with an _old prefix so there is no danger of losing anything. Once completed, publish the new files and you're all set.

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