A5 JQCalendar Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Is this add on still supported and relevant with the most current version of Alpha Anywhere?
A. Yes, see the question below on updates.

Q. Why haven't there been any updates for some time?
A. Updates are issued when bug reports come in and they are fixed. Or when new features are added.

Q. Does this calendar work on the A5 Desktop as an embedded component in a desktop form?
A. Not at this time. I don't know if it ever will. This is a limitation of Alpha Five and the "working preview".

Q. Why doesn't it work in "Working Preview"?
A. Due to a limitation in "Working Preview". 

Q. What about the errors I get in "Live Preview" that I don't see when I publish?
A. Live Preview isn't meant to replace publishing and running the components. It has some timing issues. It is always recommended that you test from a published location, even if only from localhost. As of version 4.53 live preview works very well except when using the "DIV" option for edits.

Q. Can I print the Calendar view?
A. The calendar renders in HTML so you can print it like any other web page. To print out an agenda or list of events for a particular date range I'd use an A5 report based on the calendar table.

Q. What is the difference between the "Full" and "Light" versions, other than price?
A. The full version includes all the xbasic functions on the control panel tab of database in A5. With the full the developer can make any changes or additions their skill level allows. The Light version has all the same Xbasic code, only it is compiled into an encrypted AEX file that A5 loads. The developer cannot make any changes or additions to the Light version. 

Q. Is there a way to make the calendar read only?
A. Yes, the entire calendar can be read only and individual events can be read only as well. You can also show editable and read only events by groupid. See the documentation page for a list of all the available options.

Q. Can I use my existing table?
A. If your table contains the necessary columns then yes. Full mapping of table column names is supported in the paid versions.

Q. How do I use a session variable to filter the calendar?
A. Create a session variable with the filtering you want and use that session variable in the argument definition of the calendar filter. Assume you have a field in your calendar table called company_id and you use a login page to set a session.company variable. In the same login page is where you can set the filter, i.e. session.calfilter = "company_id = " + "'" + session.company + "'" Note the single quotes inside the double quotes. Then, in the calendar options for CalFilter1 set the argument to get its value from a session variable, and set it to calfilter. The names of the arguments in this example are only examples and you can use any legal name for your session variables. The filter can contain any legal syntax, just remember to either use single quotes or escape the double quotes in your filter strings. You can also use a session variable in the calendar's filter definition. 

Q. How can I make events read only based on security groups?
A. Use an after log in page to set a session variable to use in the ReadOnlyCalendars option in the Arguments property of the calendar component.  See video
Q. How do I change the look of the calendar?
A. Three css files are used for the calendar itself: main.css contains the tags for the head area (above the dates). calendar.css contains the tags for the main container that holds the dates. dp.css contains the tags for the date picker. The dialog div that opens is controlled by the dailog.css file. (note the spelling) As of version 4.53 there is an option to choose CSS files for A5 V11+ users.

Q. How do I change the page title so it doesn't say "Custom Component"?
A. In the calendar component's client side OnItializeComplete event add the following javascipt: window.parent.document.title = "Your Calendar page Title"; 

Q. When using the calendar without the pop up edit options, when I cancel an event from the dialog the calendar doesn't refresh. How do I change that?
A. In the dialog's javascript functions section there is a function called cancel_button(). Add this line
window.parent.jQuery("#gridcontainer").reload(); //refresh the calendar
above the line:
window.parent.jqcal_popupwin.hide(); //close the popup window
and above the line:

Q. How do I upgrade to a newer version.
A. There are two paths depending on the upgrade. To upgrade to a new major version level, i.e. from 3.5 to 4.0 you can run the installer with the defaults and the UDC folder will be created. Any new calendars in new projects will work with the upgraded files. Existing projects will need to have the jqcalendar.aex file and the jqcalcss and jqcalsrc folders replaced with the new versions. Updating within the same major release, i.e. from 4.0 to 4.01 requires that you delete the existing UDC folder and allow the installer to create a new one, or you can run the function jqcal_version_upgrade()  from the interactinve window. You will also need to copy over the new jqcalendar.aex file and jqcalcss and jqcalsrc folders to any existing projects as well. Note that updates may also contain newer versions of the template dialogs. As always, back up before applying any updates. As of version 4.53 the update is automatic.

Q. Do you have an upgrade policy?
A. Licensees can receive, at no charge, all updates released within the same major version level. The major version level is defined as the number to the left of the dot as in 4.0, which is version 4. In addition, licensees are eligible to receive a free upgrade to any new version(s) released within three months of the purchase date of their current version.

Light version licensees may upgrade to the full version, within six months of purchase date, by paying the difference between the two versions. 

The date used for all upgrades is based on the original purchase date, not the date of the purchased upgrade.

To upgrade to a newer version or to upgrade from the light version to the full version please send an email to [email protected] You will receive instructions on how to receive the upgrade.

Q. How about a competitive upgrade?
A. If you wish to upgrade from a competitor's calendar solution we offer a 25% competitive upgrade discount. We will need proof of ownership. Please contact us at [email protected] with your request.

Q. I get errors if cookies are not enabled in the browser.
A. Cookies must be enabled in order for the session tracking to work correctly. A calendar with the default table column names will work with cookies disabled but some other functionality will be lost. It is advisable to require cookies to access the calendar.

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