JQCalendar -- Alpha Anywhere V3 fix for new JavaScript date type

by Jim Coltz on 10/18/14

AA V3 has changed the UX control behavior for date and date-time controls so that they are now JavaScript date objects instead of strings. This causes a calculated field to fail in the UX editing template that is provided with the calendar. You will only see this failure is you actually edit one of the date controls, or do a "recalculate all controls" from the UX menu.

The fix is to change the calculated field expression property of the UX for both the "StartDateTime" and "EndDateTime" controls to allow for the "StartDate" and "EndDate" controls to be JavaScript date objects.

I created a new JavaScript function that is universal for Alpha Five V11 - 12.3 that will treat the date controls as strings, or date objects depending on how A5 defines them. The code is as follows and can be placed in the JavaScript functions area of the UX:

function fixTimeFormat(parm,timeToFormat){
    //assumes both the startdate and enddate time pickers are set up the same.
    if(typeof(timeToFormat) == 'object'){    
        var unknownDateFormat;
        if (parm == "start"){
            unknownDateFormat = {dialog.object}.fieldHelpers.STARTDATE.dateTime.format; //get the date/time format for this date picker
            return timeToFormat.toFormat(unknownDateFormat);
        if (parm == "end"){
            unknownDateFormat = {dialog.object}.fieldHelpers.ENDDATE.dateTime.format; //get the date/time format for this date picker
            return timeToFormat.toFormat(unknownDateFormat);
        return timeToFormat;

Then, in the "StartDateTime" and "EndDateTime" controls, replace the existing calculated field expression with this code, replacing the start with end where appropriate:
//for StartDateTime control
fixTimeFormat('start',StartDate) + ' ' + StartTime 
//for EndDateTime control
fixTimeFormat('end',EndDate) + ' ' + EndTime 

Downloadable Demo No Longer Available

by Jim Coltz on 07/07/13

The downloadable demo has been discontinued. Although it served its purpose, ensuring that the calendar, and its installation routine, would work on various system configurations, keeping the demo updated while working on newer versions of the calendar is too time consuming.

A live demo site located at calendar.a5customsolutions.com provides for an interactive demo. The options page, located at the same site, provides a means of trying out the various calendar options in real time.

Version 4.53 with Time Zone support now available

by Jim Coltz on 03/17/13

JQCalendar Custom Component

Version 4.53

Version 4.53 of the A5 JQCalendar Connector Custom Component has been released.

NOTE: Although this version is backward compatible with previous versions' calendars, almost all of the new features are for Alpha Five Version 11+ and only work with SQL back end databases. Also, the downloadable demo will remain at the previous version 4.51 level.

New in this release:

  • Images in Schedule/Resource View - You can now use images in your schedule view. Video Link.
  • iCal export of events. Video Link.
  • New property to allow for easier customization of CSS for calendar. Video Link.
  • Time zone support. A robust feature that allows for users to view and edit events in the time zone of their choice. Video1 Video2 Video3
  • Oracle databases are now supported.
  • You can now use Xbasic functions to define several of the properties, including filters, resources, and read only lists. Video Link
  • Several other new features and improvements.

This release is free to current paid version 4.5 users and is available as an affordable upgrade to previous version users. For upgrade pricing and details please contact me.

Version 4.5 of the A5 JQCalendar has been released

by Jim Coltz on 10/26/12

New is this version are two new views. A very powerful schedule/resource view and a Next X Number of Days view.

The resource view allows you to assign a resource/person/room etc. to an event and then view all events for that resource for the day selected.

The Next x Number of days view allows you to choose an unlimited number of days to show. Limited only by your screen size.

Also in this release is a fix for Apple's iOs6 Safari allowing POST requests to be cached. This was causing the calendar's refresh function to fail as Safari is intercepting the POST and not allowing it to get back to the server.  

Live Demo Now Available

by Jim Coltz on 09/20/12

I added a live demo site to allow for testing. It can be accessed at calendar.a5customsolutions.com This site is hosted on a low end, cheap, VPS with one gig of ram. The A5 application server is using the latest, or close to latest, release version. You are welcome to experiment with the various calendars. The calendar tables will be overwritten as needed.

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